Mamatha Poojary fondly speaks out

10:19 PM, Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Mamatha PoojaryMangalore: Hermunde is where 2010 Asian Games Kabaddi heroine, “best raider’, gold medal winner Mamatha Poojary lives with parents and a brother. It is in Karkala taluk. She is the talent that flowered in a desolate distant village to attend Indian sports columns today. In an interview, she asked younger players to get ready to contest in future Asiads. We spoke to her on way to Ajekaru on Thursday.
Mamatha PoojaryQ: How did you enter sports, who was your guide?
A: Frankly speaking, I had no idea of being a sports star. Slowly, an intense feelings came to do my best in any sport 1 took up.

Q: Was it a tough game you won?
A: Of Course, since we had five matches. The semi-final with Iran girls was difficult. We got through by one point.

Q: Any feeling on winning gold?
A: Delighted to see we made it to the top. But the reception I got in Mangalore and here at home is amazing. People wanted to see me even after sunset.

Q: Did she government help you in any way, to pursue Kabaddi?
A: Kabaddi was regarded as men’s sport. A few persons encouraged me. The govt, helps national and international level sports mostly. We played in mud, not on mats. Locally we should have mat arrangements.

Q: Any message for youngsters?
A: In olden days, Kabaddi was popular as rural game in schools, but the players are dwindling in numbers. There were more candidates in 2006 to reach Asiad. It is specifically an Indian sport played in mud in friendly atmosphere. Our youth (age 12 to 25) should involve more and more in such genuine rural sports forms such as Kabaddi to improve health and confidence.

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