Man hailing from Bagalkot found hanging from tree near Kadri Jogi mutt

6:10 PM, Monday, May 20th, 2013

Man hanging Kadri Jogi muttMangalore : A nearly 30 year old man, suspected to be a labourer hailing from Bagalkot, but working from Mangalore, was found hanging from a tree in the forest area close by the Jogi Mutt at Kadri on May 20, Monday morning.

 It is learnt, the man was earlier found sitting on the steps nearby for long and asked by someone from the Mutt to go home.

As per the mobile number found, it has come to light that  he was Yellappa from Bagalkot and was one among the ten families from Bagalkot which stayed in the area.  I is also learnt that though all families had left to their native place for a festival, Yellappa had chosen to remain back at home.

Kadri police have registered a case.

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