Mangaluru : Air India Express flights Travel delayed

2:41 PM, Friday, August 30th, 2019

Air-India-Express-flightsMangaluru : Air India Express flights arriving at the International airport in the city are delayed due to the late arrival of the incoming flights. Some departure timings of the flights are also affected as a result.

This information was given by the airport manager. According to the revised itinerary, the flights will arrive or depart on August 30 as shown below:

Flight No IX383 – Mangaluru to Dubai, estimated time of departure, 16.25 pm.

Flight No IX890 – Bahrain -Kuwait -Mangaluru connecting flight , estimated time of arrival 19.40 pm.

Flight No IX813 – Mangaluru to Dubai, estimated time of departure, 20.30 pm.

Flight No IX816 – Abu Dhabi -Mangaluru, estimated time of arrival 17.20 pm.

Flight No IX821 – Mangaluru -Doha , estimated time of departure 17 .35 pm



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