Mangaluru International Airport New parking policy from Aug 1

10:11 AM, Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

Mangaluru International Airport Mangaluru : Mangaluru International Airport (MIA) will be implementing the new parking management system from August 1.

MIA Director V V Rao said that, as per the new parking charges, coaches, buses and trucks will be charged Rs 30 for up to 30 minutes. For cars and other vehicles, it will be Rs 20 and for two-wheelers, it will be Rs 10.

The rates for 30 to 120 minutes (two hours) are Rs 70 for coaches, buses and trucks; Rs 60 for tempos, SUVs and mini buses, Rs 55 for cars and Rs 15 for two-wheelers.

After two hours, the rate will be increased by Rs 10 an hour up to seven hours and Rs 5 for two-wheelers. The parking rates from 7 hours up to 24 hours will be 300% of 30 minutes to 120 minutes and every 24 hour or part thereof.

With this new system, passengers will have seamless ease of movement to and from the airport without being stopped or blocked at the entry or exit roads. The parking charges are payable by vehicles entering the designated parking area only.

Parking or stopping of vehicles for more than three minutes in the entry and exit roads or lanes or in front of terminal building is not permitted. The defaulters will be penalised four times the applicable parking charges in 30 minutes to two hours slab, he warned.

A fully covered canopy has been provided in front of the terminal building and entry of vehicles to the flyover from arrival side is restricted, the director said.

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