Mangaluru: Modi must know, Corruption is like an uncurable disease, says Poojary,

4:55 PM, Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Janardhan PoojaryMangaluru : Former Union minister, and a very senior Congress leader Janardhan Poojary, said, that corruption is there in every field, but it is like a dangerous disease, But to have a clean and developed country, it must be corruption free. After scam’s like Vyapam several such scams have been exposed by the media. The same thing is being questioned in the Parliament by MP’s and what has happened in this regard is the house is not a good sign” He was addressing a press meet here on Wednesday August 5 at the district Congress office, Poojary said, “Most of the scam’s exposed these days seem to have cost the country in crores and valuable resource. In the Vyapam case, students also suffered a lot of stress and loss. More than 50 accused and witnesses in the case have died so far. The, state and central governments are all full of corruption.”

Further, he said for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said, is only concerned, about the loss caused to Parliament, but does not speak about scams that cost the country is crores. He was comparing the union government arrogance to Duryodhana and asked them to understand what happened to him in Mahabharat. BJP in power at the centre, is disrobing democracy in the parliament.

Poojary demanded answers from the Prime Minister demanded answers, because he promised the country that it would be eliminated of corruption but is silently watching the failure of his party and promises, He said Prime Minister seems to be turning a blind to the media, and by this what kind of lesson he wants to teach the future generation is not known to himself. About the farmers problems, Poojary said, a separate package for Karnataka must be worked out by the union government, and this issue highly sensitive. But Prime Minister does not seem to have time to speak to farmers . Politician must meet farmers before going to the parliament.

Lok Sabha members in Karnataka and former chief minister Yeddyurappa among them, who is the vice-president of BJP could not bring Modi to meet the farmers in Karnataka. During the rule of Congress led government, farmers debts were cleared, and why then it is not possible for the Modi government?” he questioned.

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