Mangaluru student attempts to break the record with a longest selfie stick

3:16 PM, Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

selfi stick Udupi : Armaan S, a sixth-semester Electrical and Electronics engineering student at Manipal Institute of Technology, is attempting to enter the Guinness World Records for the longest selfie stick.

The current record is held by Ben Stiller (An American actor, comedian and filmmaker) with a record length of 8.56m achieved at the premiere of Zoolander No 2 in London.

Armaan, who hails from Mangaluru, attempts to break the record with a selfie stick that is approximately 10.39m in length – which is 1.44m longer than the current record. The device is made using aluminium pipes (curtain rods) and stiffened using steel wire to prevent sagging of the rod due to its own weight. The mobile-holder at the top-end is designed to hold the smartphone tightly to prevent damage. The mobile-holder can be vertically rotated by 270 degrees with its horizontal rotation restricted.

The device will be more than 10 times longer than an average selfie stick. The evidence submission event was held amidst Dr G K Prabhu, MIT director, and Dy SP Chandrasekhar, accompanied by the joint director, associate director of the Manipal Institute of Technology, and the HOD of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

The guidelines to achieve the record include that the selfie stick must be a replica of an existing, commercially available selfie stick. Details of the original selfie stick that is being replicated must be submitted. Only the length must be outsized – all other dimensions must remain standard. The selfie stick must be made from the same materials as the original selfie stick. A breakdown of materials used must be provided. The selfie stick must be proven to function in the same way as the standard selfie stick, a self-portrait photograph must be taken while using the selfie stick created. This must be demonstrated in the presence of independent witnesses.

Armaan and his selfie have met all the conditions given in the guidelines.

Speaking to mediapersons, Armaan said that he started working on the selfie stick from March, after he had received the approval from the Guinness World Record officials. He added that he had tried 7 to 8 times with steel rods, before finalising on the aluminium rod for the selfie stick. He said he had to spend Rs 4,000 for the development of the stick.

He was inspired after observing Ben Stiller’s work. He has plans to achieve more innovations in his field.

Armaan is part of Manipal Formula car racing and will be going to Germany along with other team member in August. He is also a writer, blogger, Android developer and a graphic designer. He currently runs an Android app on the Google play store and also hosts an International website

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