Married women took pledge to continue being same after husband’s death

8:01 AM, Monday, January 2nd, 2012

married Hindu womenMangalore : Around 2,500 married Hindu women took pledge to continue wearing their mangalasutra, kumkum, bangles, and flowers even in case of their husbands’ death at Shri Kshethra Gokarnatha Temple on Jan 1, Sunday.

The oath taking ceremony was undertaken by B. Janardhan Poojary, senior Congress leader and temple authorities.

During the ceremony, the women said that they will participate in religious rituals even after the death of their husband with the aim to provide better the condition of widows in the society.

kudroli married Hindu womenPrior to the oath taking ceremony, women participated and performed a chandika yaga. They also pulled the silver chariot round the temple premises.

Poojary’s daughter-in-law and daughter were also among those women who took the oath.

Women were distributed with sarees, blouse pieces, bangles, flowers, and kumkum.

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