Mask is must for everyone including politicians: Revenue Minister R Ashoka

12:01 AM, Sunday, August 22nd, 2021

R Ashoka Bengaluru : Revenue Minister Mr R Ashoka reviewed the preparations for opening of schools in Bengaluru region from August 23.

Speaking to the media, he said, “We have started preparations for the safe school project. I have instructed officials to ensure Covid appropriate behaviour is strictly followed in the school premises. As the schools reopen, we may face newer challenges which will be fixed. From next Monday, we are starting classes from grade nine onwards. If this is successful, then we shall plan to reopen the classes for grade seven and eight.” Replying to a question on wearing masks in public, Mr Ashoka said that everyone irrespective of their status whether he is a politician or a common man has to wear a mask in public or else a penalty will be imposed.

Revenue Minister Mr R Ashoka also distributed food kits to 600 people on Saturday for various sectors including mechanics and small businessmen

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