Maudany abides by Law

10:19 PM, Monday, August 16th, 2010

Kollum (Kerala): When the Karnataka Police rushed to Anwarshery near here to arrest Abdul Nasser Maudany, the team was prevented by the Kerala Police fearing riots by his fellowmen who kept a watch on Maudany who was sick. The Keralites also wanted a higher officer to come to Kerala and arrange for the man alleged to have been involved in Bangalore chain blasts in 2008, as leader of PD party.
Maudany, confronting a DCP from Bangalore on Aug 14 with documents to arrest him, stated that he would only surrender to a nearby court and not to the police, and added that he would inform today (Aug 16) as to when he would surrender to law, speaking to newsmen who surrounded him, outside his residence,  when his followers guarded him. Maudany denied that he ever went to Kodagu, as the plot of Bangalore blasts was believed to be hatched in Kodagu in Karnataka. He also denied that a pile of armaments were stored up in the orphanage where he stayed now in the Anwarshery building. He allowed anyone to search the whole orphanage and all its corners for dangerous weapons.
Meanwhile, Kerala Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan told in public that it was left to the Karnataka police when to arrest Maudany, who was playing cat and mice game with the Karnataka police batch since a week.

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