Milk Prices up: Fodder rates down in 2012: KMF

10:08 AM, Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Cow feedBangalore: Apart from having raised the milk rates per liter by a cool Rs5, the KMF Dairymen have decided to help farmers through reduced rates for their cattle fodder. The idea is to reduce the fodder rates by Rs300 a ton, form New Year Day, 01-01-2012.

Fodder is not in good stocks, due to drought conditions in 25 districts of the state, and production costs of milk are on the rise.

Presently, fodder(model One) sells at Rs10,300 per ton. If milk rates are revised, the fodder prices can be cut. Likewise, model 2 fodder may go down to a rate of Rs11,400 a ton.

KMF is producing fodder at the rate of 30,000 tons a month, but demand is much higher at 45,000 tons, said A.S. Premnath, MD to KMF.

Private companies sell fodder at Rs12,000 a ton, or even more. Farmers cannot buy such costly food for cattle to produce quality milk, he opined. But a cut of Rs300 a ton only, is on KMF cards, as a New year resolutions.

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