Palemar is not interested in districts development- Vijaykumar Shetty

5:49 PM, Monday, August 8th, 2011

Vijayakumar ShettyMangalore : The Sea erosion at Ullal beach has been eroding for over decades posing great threat to the life, houses and properties of Ullal residents. Hence the to give the permanent solution to this, the ADB had used a new product ‘Geo Textile Membrane’ which is universally used to avoid sea erosion, but the District in charge minister Krishna J Palemar have rejected the tender, said Former MLA Vijayakumar Shetty.

Speaking at the press meet held at District Congress Office on August 8, Monday said that ADB Consultants has sanctioned finance to State government for the development of coastal district. He also said that this technology has been used in Kerala state too.

When the global tender was called for this, out if 6 companies who filled the application, only Newzealand based A S R Company had submitted the tender, but when the coastal region got such a golden opportunity to get our self free from this problem, the Minister Palemar has sent a letter to government regarding his displeasure in the project, saying it to be conflict of interest.  Hence this work must be done soon within August 11 or the ADB money will go back, he said.

 He also said that, Palemar has given the reason that only one tender has been submitted, hence cannot be given, but if no other tender has been received then single tender will be approved. He must think that our natural resources are getting lost and we need to preserve it through permanent solution.

He added that any further delay in the project implementation would risk the life and property of the local residents. In addition, price escalation every year causes huge financial loss to the tax payers and this reason is not acceptable since there should not be any valid or logical grounds to reject the tender.

Speaking on Mangala Cornish Road, he said that the road is not ready and only the ministers are speaking on the matter in every meeting. The people are unable to go in the road because of the poor condition.  Apart from it, Krishna Palemar has purchased the land near the Mangala Cornish and change the original proposed plan that helped for the convenience of his land.  Though the UD has rejected the plan for three times, Palemar has taken the approval of the plan. The ring road has lost the ring shape due to the Palemar’s land in middle.

He also said that, the authority has given the contract to Builder Dharmaraj, though he is my friend, he will surely create problem to the district. He said that the ring road must be done according to the original plan given made by experts. Palemar’s main aim is not to serve the people but to make money, he said.

It was really shocking that Palemar’s name was not listed in the scams revealed by Lokayukta, hence we will ask the matter with Governor, he added.

MLA U T Khader, former Mayor’s like Ashraf and Shashidhar Hegde, Harinath, Nazeer, Lancelot Pinto, Nagendra Kumar and others were present.


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