Misterity of Makara Vilakku busted as “man-made”

8:17 PM, Monday, April 25th, 2011

Makara JyothiKochi: The celestial light on every Makara Sankranthi Day at the Ayyappa Temple in Sabarimali was only man-made, reported the Travancore Devaswam Board (TDB), 3 months after a stampede had taken 102 lives on way down the hills at 7pm.
Makara JyothiEarlier there was strong indications about its artificiality, but it was shown as a mystery. The affidavit made by TDB in Kerala High Court (KHC) on Monday (Apri25) put an end to conflicting views on the subject and busted the origin of light as man-made at a distance from hills.
Makara JyothiThe fire was lit by tribals living on a hillock. It was never called a divine phenomenon, said the TDB in its confession.
Om Jan.14 last, this light had appeared 3 times, the court found, and asked about it. Kerala’s Yuktiwadi Sangh, a rationalist body of men, called it a fraud on devotees played by TDB and LDF Govt.
An office-bearer of KY Sangham that was fighting for truth in the matter, said that KYS stand had been vindicated at last.
The “celestial light” legend had gained prominence over the Tirth-Yatra to sabarimalai by lakhs of devotees, but it was hollow in essence, Edamurukku Sanal of KYS declared. The stampede after such false belief was unfortunate, he felt. The number of pilgrims visiting Sabarimalai was going up year after year, to see this artificial occurrence only, he added.

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