MLA C.T. Ravi crosses swords with JDS Congress liars

6:58 PM, Friday, June 17th, 2011

ctravi.Bangalore: Speaking to newsmen today on June 17, carrying forward the war of brickbats in party politics, the BJP spokesman, CT Ravi (MLA) from Chikkamagalur, mocked at the former CM and MP, also JDS state unit chief H.D Kuamarswamy, who was a film producer once, that HDK deserved on Honorary Doctorate in telling lies, which he had mastered in regional party politics since a decade.
Ravi said that CM Yeddyurappa did not compromise with HDK by offering money, nor he invited HDK Kerala for treatment, but HDK certainly was an expert in spreading white lies. There was no need for HDK to wait till June 22 to expose BJP through valid documents, let him produce the proof immediately Ravi taunted.
Ravi accused HDK and the Gowda family of systematic propaganda of lies (like Gobbels) against BJP leaders. Ravi did not spare Congressmen either.
The sharp-tongued urged the UPA govt., to take a strong stand on return of blackmoney to India from swiss banks, and also take a firm view on finalizing the new Jan Lokpal bill to be introduced in the current session in the Lok Sabha. He accused Congress leaders in New Delhi, of having Swiss bank accounts in secret, and that was why, he pointed out, they did not want any discussion on nationalizing those hidden funds kept abroad.
C.T. Ravi said that BJP went ahead with new programmers on June 22-23, to expose black money in banks abroad, and to make people double aware of nationwide corruption raging in Govt. Circles. Eminent leaders Murli Monohar Joshi(MP)and Monohar Prabhu Parrikar(Goa MLA) are expected to join local leaders in the activities, Ravi informed the people.

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