Moon goes into Total eclipse on Saturday (Dec 10) as it rised in the evening by 6 PM as red ball

4:37 PM, Saturday, December 10th, 2011

Moon-eclipseMangalore: The winter has just begun to set in, and there is soothing cold breeze even around noon, with a clear sky, a few white clouds, flowers in garders, Datta Jayanthi under celebration, and a full moon of Margoshira (Dhanu) Month (Masa) is running, and the environment is quite excellent on coastal region of Dakshina Kannada district here.

But here is a total lunar eclipse on Dec 10 in the full Moon (Poornima) evening, when Earth comes in between Sun and the moon to create fully dark (Kha-grasa) lunar eclipse, for ever 50 minutes tonight.

The time is around 6 PM to 8 PM and food can be taken only after 10 PM, with a bath in sea or river. It will be yellowish milk-like light after 10 PM.

The moon will turn red and round just at dusk when Sun goes down in sea at 6 PM, with technicolours spread on the sky at large. The full moon eclipses scheduled at 7-16 PM upto 8-27 PM for full 51 minutes tonight, at dusk (Mussange).

Obviously, the moon will lose its sheen on rise as earth blocks it form Sun rays. It is total darkness at the time.

The moon bestows limelight on people of earth at night, in the bright half of a fortnight. The next full lunar eclipse is far away during 2014 October.

Today, the moon will assume orange colour before being covered by the shadow of the earth to take a black round shape.

Astronomers, science professors (physics), and science students are agog with excitement and rush to their telescopes in planetarium to view the extraordinary sight in the sky.

People wear dark goggles to see the eclipse. It has a bad connotation and warning sign to Indian people creating mental stress and sickness, after the eclipse. Already politics is thick with protests, rebellions, indiscipline, and dissensions and national or elected state governments are getting overthrown.

The CBI has created tensions among hunted corrupt politicians in Delhi and the states.

Moon affects the mind, could cause lunacy and mental disorders to rulers, who clash with one another on Party leanings rather than uphold total people’s welfare%

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