“Mother” Sushma’s Visit to Bellary in doubt

11:24 AM, Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Sushma swarajBellary: There is a tension in the air Bellary as to whether “Mother” Sushma(Swaraj), leader of opposition in LokSabha and former Delhi CM, would be in Bellary for Varalaxmi Puja Vows?
Sushma is in Parliament for monsoon season, as main speaker. But the Reddy brothers are making an SOS call to her, like men in a sinking ship, after Lokayukta final report that struck 5 ministers including CM and 3 of Reddys’ group down.
In 1999, Sushma had contested against Sonia G. from Bellary and lost the MP seat to the latter. Reddy brothers canvassed for her in full measure then. Sushma made it a point to come to Bellary every year. For the Lakshmi Puja and took away Rs25lacs every year from Janardhana Reddy’s iron ore profits. Later she denied all contacts in 2011, when confronted by reporters, about her Bellary links.
Sushma made them all MLAs, MP(one of them), and ministers in BJP rule(2008-11).But now their dreams are dashed. Several cases against iron ore illegal mining, stare at them in their faces. Reddys are in the dock now. Will Sushma meet them after their fall from power?

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