MRPL Clarification: Water Vapours from Cooling Tower

6:10 PM, Wednesday, July 20th, 2022

Mangaluru : On 19.7.2022, there were some reports on a Bangalore-based TV news channel about smoke coming out from MRPL due to a fire. MRPL hereby clarifies to all concerned that there was no such incident.

The photos circulated on social media are of water vapours coming out of the cooling tower with some light in the background. Cooling towers are the unit in which water from the power plant and processing units comes back, get cooled and sent back for cooling.

When the hot water gets cooled, a small part of it becomes vapour. These vapours exist throughout the year; however, during rainy days or days when temperature or humidity falls, they become more visible.

MRPL is a Central Government Organisation which follows global standards in safety and pays utmost care to environmental norms, which are ensured from time to time by CPSB and KSPCB.

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