MS Satyu shares views on new film ‘Ijjodu’ at Press Club

3:02 PM, Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Mangalore : Renowned director M.S Satyu, said that his new film ‘Ijjodu’, is based on the devadasi system of a few centuries ago is said to be the first Kannada film made in corporate funding.

Speaking at the press meet held at Press Club on July 22, Thursday, prior to the film release to be held tomorrow at New Chitra Theatre.

Addressing the media representatives, Satyu said that, the film ‘Ijjodu’ is done after 12 years. This film has been done with a cause in the film and it is quite different from other film. The specialty of the film is that, the actors have not dubbed the film after the shooting, but spot recording was going on and Meera Jasmine for the first time dubbed her own voice.

He also said that, the film was recording was done by Satish Sawanth, but unfortunately he expired during the month of February and could not see film during release. The songs written by Mangalore’s Sudheer Attavar, has special lyrics, which is different from the present film songs that includes more of prose than poem.
The film ‘Ijjodu’ will entertain the audience with disseminating information for 90 minutes, without having any background music for dance and song and through out the film.

Mangalorean Classical Dancer Mayuri Upadyay, choreographed the dance sequence in the film using a bit of ballad and contemporary.
The two prints of films will be released, while one print will be kept for the State Award. The new films must not take over the power of the film, he said. The film contains different languages used through out the film, he added.

Sharing his view on the occasion, Actor Aniruddh, said that it’s happy to come to Mangalore. It is the honour to work with the great director like M S Satyu and the film contains all the good matter found in other commercial film.
GS Bhaskar, cinematographer of the film, said that Satyu is the fatherly figure and most of the scenes have done in optical print.
Sudheer Attavar, lyricist was also present at the press meet.

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