MUDA planing to plant fruit-bearing saplings around waterbodies

1:09 PM, Thursday, December 10th, 2020

fruitMangaluru : The Mangaluru Urban Development Authority (MUDA) in association with Green Tigers, a body of green enthusiasts, has chalked out a plan to promote Mangaluru as the city of fruits by planting fruit-bearing saplings around waterbodies being developed by the MUDA now, according to chairman Ravishankar Mijar.

The authority has proposed to rejuvenate 17 waterbodies in the city. Of them six are being rejuvenated in the first phase, Ravishankar Mijar told.

The saplings will be initially planted in the surrounding of Bairadi Kere, Kadri Jogi Mutt Kere, and a waterbody in the doctors’ colony in Kadri.

The authority is also rejuvenating the Juma Masjid Kere at Kudroli, a waterbody each at Jeppinamogaru and near Surathkal where the saplings will be planted.

Mr. Mijar said that the authority has identified the road between Lady Hill Circle and Mannagudda Junction to plant the saplings. But saplings on the stretch will be planted in June.

Madhava Ullal, treasurer, Green Tigers and who is on a mission planting varieties of saplings in different parts of the city and Ullal since more than a decade, said that the Green Tigers inspected the surrounding in Bairadi Kere on Tuesday where 100 saplings can be planted. Since drip irrigation can be arranged there saplings can be planted now.

He said the number of saplings which could be planted between Lady Hill Circle and Mannagudda Junction will be assessed on Thursday. Mr. Ullal said that saplings of deep rooting saplings cannot be planted in the surrounding areas of waterbodies and the roots would damage the banks.

It has been planned to plant the saplings of star fruit, water ball, Indian gooseberry, seethaphal, lakshmana phala, bimbuli, and the like in association with the Forest Department.

He said that the department and various organisations together planted 2,140 different variety saplings on the sides of the National Highway 66 between Nanthoor Circle and Talapady this July.

As the saplings planted are more than one-and-half-years old they can be watered once in a fortnight. The Green Tigers will begin watering them once rains stops completely.

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