My priority is first studies, then acting, says child artist

11:27 AM, Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

monoharaMangaluru: Manohara K., winner of national and State award for Best Child Artiste for his role in the Kannada film Railway Children, said on Tuesday that his first priority was to complete his studies, earn a degree and then think of acting in films though he loved acting.

Speaking at an interaction programme at MGM College, Manohara, a student of Class 10, said when he was first offered the role, he had no inclination to act and tried all methods to avoid it. “I had no desire or dream to be an actor,” he said. He recalled that the only role he had played in a drama was that of the saint Kanakadasa. “But I was so nervous playing it that besides eating the banana I also ate its skin. After that I never went near anything related to acting,” he said.

But the director Prithvi Konanur convinced him and prepared for his role. This included attending a week-long workshop. “There were at least three rehearsals before the actual shot was taken. That was how we were prepared for it. I had to practice spitting for seven days. But such was the impact of the practice that I was spitting even after five months,” he said.

Manohara said that he had seen the children on the railway platform when he used to travel on the train from Gauribidanur to Yelahanka. But it was only when doing the film that he got a first-hand knowledge of their trials and tribulations. “I got to know of their problems and the tough lives they lead,” he said.

To a question, Manohara said that though he had got offers to act in three films, he had refused them. He was good at studies, sports and quiz. “I want to study, earn a degree and then I will think of acting in films. I started to love acting while doing ‘Railway Children and will take to acting only after I complete my studies,” he said.

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