Mysuru : Harassment case against bishop; Victim makes u-turn, withdraws allegations

1:12 PM, Saturday, December 14th, 2019


Mysuru : A woman who had recently levelled sexual harassment charges against bishop of Mysuru diocese K A William has now retracted her allegations and withdrawn her statements.

The woman had recently released a selfie video that went viral on social media, in which she had accused the Mysuru bishop of sexually harassing her. She had also filed a complaint signing the document herself. Based on the complaint, the Mysuru police had registered an FIR against the bishop on November 29. The complaint was filed against the bishop by Robert Rosario of the Association of Concerned Catholics (AOCC), a citizen’s group. Besides, 37 priests from different parishes had written a letter to the Vatican seeking the bishop’s removal.

The whole episode had caused a huge uproar in the Christian community of Mysuru province. Many faithfuls even demanded the change or suspension of the bishop. However, the woman has given a whole new twist to the issue by making a u-turn and withdrawing all her statements that were made against the bishop.

The woman, who had accused the bishop of having continuously subjected her to sexual harassment, conducted a press conference in the city on Friday December 13 along with a team of lawyers and said, “I have not had any trouble, whatsoever, from bishop K M William. Someone had forced me to make a video and also write a complaint against the bishop. I was threatened with dire consequences during the making of the video. So I had given statement against the bishop under threat. Now the same video is going viral on social media and is being sold for lacs of rupees.

“Due to my statement and video, which were done under duress by some people, the names of bishop William, Fr Leslie Moras and Vijay Kumar have been tarnished. There are 37 priests behind this plot,” added the woman.

The woman further clarified, “I am not giving this statement under pressure of bishop or anyone else. My life is under threat even now. I am living in fear. So I will not file complaint against anyone. Now inquiry is being conducted by the police based on the complaint filed by Robert Rosario. I have already clarified my stand in front of the investigating officers.”


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