Nandini brand milk, curd Price hiked by Rs 3 in Karnataka

10:23 PM, Monday, November 14th, 2022


Bengaluru : The state as the Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) has decided to hike the price of the Nandini brand milk and curd by Rs 3. The new prices will be effective starting Tuesday.

The decision was taken at an administrative board meeting of KMF and was approved by the government, said KMF chairperson Balachandra Jarkiholi. The hike, according to the KMF, is meant to aid farmers involved in animal husbandry who have been hit by various problems, including floods and lumpy skin disease in cattle.

As per the revised prices, toned milk costing Rs 37 per litre will now sell at Rs 40; homogenised toned milk will cost Rs 41, up from Rs 38 per litre; price of homogenised cow milk will increase to Rs 45; special milk and Shubam brand milk will be sold at Rs 46 per litre; homogenised standardised milk will cost Rs 47; Samruddhi milk will cost Rs 51; Santrupthi milk will be sold at Rs 53, double-toned milk will cost Rs 39 and a kilogram of Nandini curd will now cost Rs 48.

The hike, according to Jarkiholi, was essential as milk procurement dipped to Rs 78.8 lakh litres per day from 94.2 lakh litres at the end of June 2022 owing to lack of suitable prices for milk products, climate extremes and the lumpy skin disease in cattle. The additional income will be used to help affected farmers, he added.

“It is concerning that many farmers involved in animal husbandry with one to three cows are selling their cattle to neighbouring states… KMF and associated federations have stuck to price control due to the Covid-19 pandemic despite a 20-35 per cent increase in transport, electricity and packaging costs,” Jarkiholi said.

Despite the hike, the price of Nandini milk is cheaper than that of competitors such as Govardhan, Heritage, Arogya and Tirumala. It is also lower than that in states such as Andhra Pradesh, where it cost Rs 55 per litre, Tamil Nadu (Rs 40 per litre), Kerala (Rs 46), Maharashtra (Rs 51) and Gujarat (Rs 50), he said.

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