Nature showered its kindness by raining in Mangaluru

9:26 PM, Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Rain Mangaluru: Nature showed its kindness on Mangalureans as it rained bringing first showers on Wednesday evening of May 11 and also Mangaluru witnessed winds and slightly heavy rainfall on Thursday late evening near State Bank Area.

At BC Road, from the rainfall it received, it flooded the low lying market area. Puttur and Sulia also received this welcome showers.

The people who were suffering from temperature soaring, finally had got a relief when the fragrance of the earth was in the air of Mangaluru and spread in the atmosphere.

Rain The people were anxiously expecting rain from the beginning of this month, for the first time this season witnessed clouds over the city sky. This increased the expectations of the people for rain, like never before.

When nature took pity on Mangaluru by raining, people came outside of their house and cherished the first rain and even the commuters on road voluntarily were seen getting drenching in the rain.

Though it was the first rain, this short spell off pre-monsoon showers have brought the temperatures down to some extent and the place in city which received rain were Kankanady, and Bejai.


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