Naushida kidnap case false : Shakuntala Shetty directs SP to initiate criminal action

11:50 AM, Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

kidddPuttur :  Shakuntala Shetty, Puttur MLA has informed that she has directed the District Superintendent of Police to register a criminal case against Naushida of Madavu Kaikamba for created confusion through kidnap drama. She said the incident had also sparked communal tension in Puttur.

Speaking to reporters, the MLA said  an attempt was made to disrupt peace in Puttur through the Naushida  kidnap drama and added such incidents should not take place.  Strict legal action is inevitable. Due to this case,  there may arise a situation when people may not believe any true kidnap case that may take place in future.

ABoobakker Siddiqe, SDPI President said  the Naushida kidnap case has proved false during police investigation. He also said the truth should  come to light.

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