New Airport starts functioning: Kenjaru airport to receive planes from August 2, in city.

5:50 PM, Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Mangalore/Bajpe : With the re-transfer of M.R. Vasudeva as CEO of Mangalore International Airport (from Mysore) recently, the Kenjaru new terminal activity has been speeded up. There are 52 international (mostly to Arabian Gulf areas) flights and 26 internal flights operating from Bajpe till now, and these are being shifted to nearby Kenjaru which has all the infrastructure facilities. Mangalore also connects planes from other states such as Kerala, Maharashtra and Tamilnadu, while having flights to middle East (Gulf) regions.

The Kenjaru airport is a modern integrated Terminal station for both AI and IA flights. It is 60 years since the first aeroplane alighted in tabletop Bajpe airport. During this long period, air journeys have come down from luxury class to economy class. The runway will be stretched to 9000 feet to accommodate Boeing and Airbus planes.

The Kenjaru airport was inaugurated on May 15 but May 22 air crash in Bajpe forests has delayed the flights from Kenjaru, till now.

The new terminal can receive 500 travellers and 500 visitors. The building area is 18,200 square metres in length. 300 cars can be parked outside the premises. 5 large aircrafts can be parked in the Apron here, at a time. The modern airport is well guarded and has fire engines to serve in cases of emergency. Daily 32 planes land and leave at this airport. A new road connects Mangalore with reduced distances (of 16 kms).

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