Nine alien boats with fishermen taken into custody

6:44 PM, Thursday, November 17th, 2011

boatsMangalore: The Coastal Security Service Personnel near Mangalore at the Arabian Sea region in Ullal, kotepura and Kudroli, on their inspection of all fishing boats moving there, with local fishermen as their eyes and ears, stumbled upon some alien boats on Tuesday which they did not see in the past here.

The fisherman in those unknown boats appeared like strangers to this region. They were illegally fishing on DK costs, was the conclusion made by the police.

The police captured nine such alien boats, into custody for interrogation, and the boatmen were from eastern Tamil Nadu area, fishing in west coast.

They were handed over to local Coast Guard officials for further enquiry.
One big and two small boats, also found in sea, had irregular registration numbers. After discussions, the fisheries department officials and Coastal police wrote out a complaint to the coastal Guard to cheek up the matter.

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