No government can change temple rule: Priest Krishna Prasad

4:20 PM, Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

MadasnanaMangalore : No government and court can stop the Made Madasnana ritual held at Kukke Subramanya Temple annually, said Krishna Prasad, Priest of the temple.

He was speaking at a press meet held Press Club on July 18, Wednesday. He said that the annual utsav at Kukke Subramanya Temple is celebrated grandly for 15 days and the ritual like Made Madasnana is held from ancient times. It was believed that the ritual is being held to avoid small incident which will take place and harm the development of the country. But the small numbers of thinkers are going against this ritual giving a new dimension of caste bias.

He also said that it is not right for the people to speak ion the temple and its rituals if they are not aware of the history and Vedas. He warned the people not to enter into dharma for politics and not to test power of god for the politics.

He said that the temple, god and rituals are left to the people of Subramanya and the devotees who come to temple can come to worship and go and not interfere in the belief of the local people and devotees.

Even the digambaras’ of jain sects have weird rituals and the sadhu’s from north come to celebrate the utsav without wearing the clothes, but these are not stopped, he said.

Krishna Prasad also said that if the atheist and government mention this ritual of temple giving food for Brahmins inside temple as ‘Pankthi Bedha’, then we are ready to give it and allow the dalits to offer puja to the god, but in turn let they give the reservation to Brahmins given to the dalits. If Made Madasnana is stopped, the result will be seen later. The temple will not stop the rituals because it will hurt the feelings of the devotees. The madesnana is held in many temple like Udupi, Suratkal and other, then why restriction with only Subramanya Temple, he said.

Commenting on the statement given by Pejawar Seer Sri Vishwesha Teertha Swamiji, he said that no swamiji has right to change the rule of temple, but only priests and management has the power, he said. If Swamiji was so much interested in dalit welfare, why didn’t he take dalit as his junior pontiff, he asked.

Rajesh N S, leader of local resident of Subramanya said that the Madesnana is not done by force and no receipt also done for it unlike other puja’s. The lawyers, police officials and other celebrities also perform this ritual to evade their problem.

There is no complaint of devotes heard who has got skin ailment after putting madesnana. If government oppose this ritual, we will fight to protect it for the devotees and will continue until devotees fulfill their promise to god, he said.

Malekudiya members like Nagesh AV and Montu, priest Lakshmeesh Gabbaladka were present at the press meet.


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