No weapons in Jail, but Ganja packets and cell phones

7:12 PM, Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

JaILRAIDMangalore: Assistant Commissioner of Police for Mangalore City, Ravindra Gadadi, with a suspicious team of police, raided the district jail on Wednesday looking for weapons, but found only 2 mobile phones and a SIM card, which they seized along with 5 chargers and 4 Ganja packets from a murder-accused jailbird. Earlier May 18, in another raid, no weapons were found but only 2 cell phones and 2 Ganja packets!
In another recent raid, 4 Ganja packets, one SIM card, 5 mobile chargers, 2 ear phones, 2 nail cutters and scissors were found besides a lighter. So what goes in is apparently same material, more or less as seen in a raid.
Vinay Gaonkar, Inspector, and Poovappa, Burke PSI led the latest raid in which Ganja was common, with mobile phone.

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