Opposition stand reflects their culture of banking on sleeping Lion

10:10 PM, Wednesday, July 13th, 2022

Udupi : Prime Minister Modi is dynamic. Accordingly, our national emblem of the Lion should be strong and roaring. The emblem rightly reflects this. But the stand of opposition parties reflects their culture of banking on sleeping Lion, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said, reacting to objections raised by Congress against the emblem on the new Parliament building.

Speaking to media persons in Udupi, Bommai said, seeing the Lion in the emblem as aggressive or violent is their perception. The Congress leaders are looking at it from the political angle. India now has a dynamic, proactive Prime Minister. Accordingly the Lion is in a strong form in our perception. But the Congress leaders are used to banking on sleeping Lion. So they are feeling it to be aggressive. As far as the emblem on the new Parliament building is concerned, the opposition is trying to find fault where none exists, Bommai said.

The emblem is a replica of the Lion and Ashoka Chakra as depicted by Emperor Ashoka, Bommai said.

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