Oriyardori Asal crosses 25 days in 5 theatres in a forward run

6:26 PM, Monday, June 20th, 2011

Oriyardori AsalMangalore: Speaking to media persons on the occasion of 25 days of successful screening in 5 theatres in 3 cities, of the record breaking Tulu movie “Oriyardori Asal”, in its fourth week now and seeking more theatres in many other towns of Tulunadu, Gurukiran who has a guest role in the picture, besides singing two songs under music director, A.K Vijay, stated on Monday here that when Tulu was facing a neglect in his home district, the Tulu film had set aflame the hearts of Tulu people on hearing Tulu dialogues and songs besides seeing the most modern form of a movie in Tulu. The theatres are running ‘House Full’ shows.
Stage writer-director Vijaykumar Kodialbail, who made the movie and wrote the screen play and songs too, had worked hard for this incredible success, he told press reporters. The fact is that a Tulu movie can compete with Kannada films in the port city on home grounds. Gurukiran pledged to work more for such movies and asked Vijaykumar to write some-moral boosting scripts.
On the 50th day of ‘Oriyardori Asal’ run, the movie team will facilitate all other producers and directors of Tulu pictures at the Town Hall, Vijakumar stated here. He would also announce the name of his forthcoming movie then, he added. He has taken a bet for 100 days run in Mangalore.
‘Oriyardori Asal’ will hit Mumbai theatres soon, from the Independence Day (August 15). Gulf people have demanded its shows, so he has decided to show the picture in Dubai, Kuwait, Muscat, Bahrain, Doha and other Arub Gulf areas, where Tuluvas eagerly await the shows to arrive. Musician A.K Vijay of the film was present on the occasion.

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