“Oriyardori Asal” Tulu film sets records: Tulu to benefit, says producer

2:43 PM, Friday, September 16th, 2011

oriyardori asal 100daysMangalore: celebrating a run of 100 days in several theatres on the coastal region of his monumental “comedy fest” of a Tulu film, ‘Oriyardori Asal’ at the Press Club on Thursday(Sept.15), writer-producer V.K.Kodialbail condemned Tulu  politicians and leaders for their half hearted efforts to make Tulu a recognized Dravidian language under the Indian Constitution, and offered his own example of making a Tulu film run for 112 days in several theatres, when certain producers had given negative opinion on its continuous run for 15 weeks.
He said producers were sceptic about investing in a Tulu picture as it had a limited market, but now they must change this poor opinion.
He asked Tulu leaders to take Tulu to New Delhi along with Nungel (dry fish), following his production’s success story. The film was rushing to 150 days of release.

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