Panchatantra Kannada film teaser released

12:42 PM, Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

Mangaluru : The first Kannada film on sports Panchatantra hopeful to be successful like Mungarumale,  said film director Yograj Bhat on Tuesday.

Releasing the teaser of the new film on motorcar racing, Mr. Bhat told reporters that Panchatantra is based on a story written by an autorickshaw driver Kantappa and writer Maasti Manju.

“The story, which shows the competition between the new and old generations, is so moving that I kept aside my two upcoming projects and focused on bringing the story on the screen,” he said.

He has written the screenplay and dialogues of the film that subtly touches the fight between two generations. “You can also see (in the film) the short cuts the younger generation take to achieve success,” he said with a laugh.

As his earlier films, Mr. Bhat said, Panchatantra has the right mix of humour and sentiment. The film was shot in Bengaluru, Mysuru, Mandya, and Goa.

Mr. Bhat acknowledged the help he received from international racer Mouneesh in capturing the racing scenes. “You see him in some of the scenes along with hero (Karthik),” he said, and added that he used eight cameras to capture the racing scenes.

This 134-minute-long film, which has several actors from coastal Karnataka, will be released in March. Mr. Bhat said he is also working on new film Gaalipata-2 starring Sharan, Rishi and Pawan Kumar.

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