‘PANdemIC’ short movie released at Mangaladevi temple

4:14 PM, Saturday, August 15th, 2020

pandemic filmMangalore: The short movie ‘PANdemIC’ of Mega Media Entertainments released at the Historic Mahathobara Shri Mangaladevi Temple by Managing Trustee Ramanatha Hegde of the Mangaladevi Temple.

People love a film that has a good message. People have been hit by a pandemic like Corona and are suffering hard. Lot of people are suffering without income. Education of children has been affected said, Ramanatha Hegde.

He also wishes for this film with a good message to be successful and said no such movies have come up yet.

Yogesh Shetty, Subhash Shetty, Founder, President of the Tulunadu Rakshana Vedike, Rajith Gujaran and others were present.

pandemic filmThis short movie produced under MegaMedia Entertainment. The story, dialogue and direction of the film is by Shivaprasad Thaudugoli, Editor of Mega Media News. Music Compilation and Visual Composition by Avinash Naik Nachcha. English translation by Sarika Keshav Attavar.

Saharsh S, Daiwik Kumar, Aashu, Akash, Prakriti, Prateek, Karan and Yash have acted in the movie.

Sarita Shivaprasad, Jovita Prakash have done the costume and the film has been shot in Attavar area of Mangalore.

Harish Kumar Purohit, Sarika Keshav Attavar, Saroj Kumar, Jovitaprakash, Vishwanath, Amrita, Mita, Prashanth, Basant etc. have collaborated.

The film by MegaMedia Entertainment. Sarita Shivaprasad and Shivaprasad Thaudugoli Producers

The film will be aired on Mega Media News Youtube channel at 6.10 pm on August 15. Viewers can view the film using this link https://www.youtube.com/c/MegaMediaNewsMangalore.
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The film poster recently released at Sri Durga Devi Temple by Govinda Guru Swamy

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pandemic film

pandemic film

pandemic film

pandemic film

pandemic film

pandemic film

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