Justice Nitte Santhosh Hegde retires on Aug 2

3:51 PM, Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

SathoshHegdeBangalore: From Aug 3, he should be known as the former Lokayukta. But he refuses to become Lok Pal in Delhi, fearing that Congressmen may abuse him as a Hzareman.
He would like to go to Houston in US where some relatives/friends are waiting to receive him, but he is warned that it was inauspicious to travel there at this time when US trying to avoid being a defaulter in repaying its debts. So he goes to Sri Lanka to laze about in the green (sapphire) island known for Ramayana history and serendipity.Alone?
No. He has a wife from Punjab. He is taking her to the island in a rainy season. He is leaving Justice Shivaraj Patil to envy him on his character and achievements!
Hegde has emerged as the most popular of all Lok Pal in India, but he wouldn’t want to be the next Vice President of India Seeing that Dr.Narayana Murthy of Infosys Ltd, also did not accept the high post with a large house attached to it. Will he return to Mangalore finally? No one asked him in the Press, But one hears that he has a flat in DK, also he has a brother here. But Santhosh is still young and wouldn’t want to stretch his legs and go to sleep. He is afraid that his wife may drive him out of the house if he stays long in there.
All the same, the final report on illegal mining has made him a hero. Critics like Karunakara Reddy and V.Somanna have been silenced by his retorts against their arrogant remarks seeking his apology, to tell them that he had definite records on their involvement in illegal black gold mining, sales and wealth earned by exports. Hegde is courageous. His reports is bulky in 25000 pages with several chapters. He was tempted by coastal leaders (3musketeers) who asked him to omit Yeddyurappa’s name from his final report.
But actually, that attempt to tempt him by the guilty 3 led to the sealing of Yeddy’s fate, a slap on the face of a minister and driving out Dr. VS Acharya from his house for reminding him that he had to resign in 30 minutes on Sunday afternoon.
It is difficult to say in BJP now, who is friend and who is foe. But we know one thing for certain, that Santhosh Hegde could be CM one day in Karnataka, after CM Yeddy and his henchmen in dirty ponds are forgotten. Let us hope for Hegde’s elevation to a higher post in India, which he has to choose because he is so choosy-isn’t he?

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