Plans to create a children’s swimming pool: MCC

5:04 PM, Monday, September 17th, 2018

swimming-poolMangaluru: Mangala swimming pool is going to be upgraded and Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) has already begun the work on it. In the same way, the little children in the city are showing much interest to learn swimming and hence, the corporation is thinking of creating a separate swimming pool dedicated for the children.

The water purification system existing at Mangala swimming pool was close to 27 years old and was not equipped with new technology. Now, the renovation of the swimming pool has begun at the cost of Rs 1 crore. The water from the swimming pool will be processed through ozone unit which the new technology being introduced into the swimming pool thereby is making it hi-tech.

The purification unit which was being used previously had would function only under human labour. But the new unit which is being installed is automated. Earlier there were 2 pumps of 10hp, but now 4 pumps will be installed.

There were 3 drums for purification in the earlier technology. Now, the water will be purified by 4 drums. Later, for the water to enter the swimming pool, 25 holes have been created on the either sides of the pool through which pipe will be installed. This a a continuous process.

For now, the area around the swimming pool has been dug up and work on installation of a new pipeline is ongoing. The width of the earlier pipeline was smaller. Besides, moss used to get accumulated within the pipes which would consequently reduce the water pressure. The water purified through the new technology is immune to strong diseases. Due to this, contagious diseases will not spread. The impurities and viruses in the water will be destroyed, making it very safe for use.

Normally, during school vacations, children come to this swimming pool from morning to evening to get training in swimming. The students will soon have mid-term vacation in October, but by then it will be difficult for the work to be done and hence the swimming pool shall remain closed. For now, the students will have to make use of the swimming pool at St Aloysius College or at NITK.

The entry price for the swimming pool for the public is Rs 20 for a day. The cost for a month’s pass is Rs 400. For children and senior citizens, it is Rs 10 and Rs 200 for a day and a month pass respectively. If the price is Rs 750 for the public for a 3 months pass, it is Rs 350 for children and senior citizens. A 6 months pass will coat Rs 1,000 for the public, while for children and senior citizens it will cost Rs 600.

It has been decided that the cost for the yearly pass for the public will be Rs 1,500 and for the children and senior citizens, it will be Rs 1,000. Since the last 5 years, there has never been a revision in the price list. In the coming days, inevitably the prices will have to be hiked, informed an official to ‘Uduayavani’.

“The renovation work on the swimming pool has already commenced and there’s a possibility that the work will be completed by the period of 4 months. The water from the swimming pool will be processed through the ozone unit technology which is being introduced here,” said Rajesh, in-charge engineer.

“New technology is being installed at Mangala swimming pool to attract the public. The pool is being created making it feasible to organize swimming competitions here in the future,” said Bhaskar K, MCC Mayor.

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