Police arrested 4, including online food delivery boy selling cannabis

11:09 AM, Monday, September 19th, 2022


Udupi : Police have arrested an online food delivery boy from Manipal on charges of selling cannabis. According to police, he was selling drugs by wearing the dress of an online food delivery giant and actually worked for it. In addition, two of his accomplices who are from Palakkad in Kerala, have been arrested and 1.2 kg of cannabis worth Rs.30,000 has been seized from them.

The Cyber Economic and Narcotic Crime police said while they were questioning some persons who were arrested recently on charges of consuming cannabis, they revealed information about an online food delivery boy who was selling cannabis to them by wearing t-shirt of an online food delivery giant. The police found him to be Devi Prasad, 23, from Lakshmindra Nagar in Manipal, who was residing with two other youths from Kerala, Ravi Shankar and Anjal Baiju, in a house in Manchi village in Manipal.

After closely watching the movement of Devi Prasad, the CEN Police arrested him while he was selling cannabis at a spot between Indrali and Manchi spoting the dress of the online food delivery giant. Based on Prasad’s information, the police arrested the other two.

The police said the investigation has so far revealed that Ravi Shankar, 22, and Baiju, 21, from Palakkad, were trafficking cannabis in a train from Kerala and stocking it in the house. Devi Prasad was selling it to peddlers and consumers, including several college students, in packets.

Search is on for one Ranjit and other persons associated with the three arrested persons, the police said.

Udupi Superintendent of Police Akshay M. Hakay said the police have continued their vigil on persons dealing with cannabis. In the last one month, police have registered more than 100 cases against persons who were found positive for consuming cannabis. “It is from these persons we are finding information on peddlers and other persons associated with the drug trade,” he told The Hindu.

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