“Police Informer” Sadashiva Gowda killed by naxal gang

1:57 PM, Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Sadashiva-GowdaGowdaKarkala: Sadashiva Gowda, a police informer in the eyes of local naxalites, who was missing since a week at his house, was found murdered and his body was tied to a Banyan Tree in a seated position, face was covered and hands were tied with a nylon rope, in a forest near a hill in Nadpal at Someshwar, 15 Kms from Kabbinale, by a searching team of police officials led by V.Prasad, CIP at Karkala rural police station, on Wednesday afternoon (Dec 28).

A naxal member Vishnu had called the police on Dec 22 and informed that naxal gangs had killed Gowda as police informer.

The police suspect that Vikram Gowda’s gang was responsible for the gruesome murder. The dead body was surrounded by Maoist pamphlets, as a warning to police squads.

Alok Kumar and senior police officers of Anti-Naxal Force (ANF) visited the spot, while the body was taken out for a postmortem.

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