Praveen and Gita Nayak likely to win on Feb 28.

10:19 PM, Monday, February 21st, 2011

Praveen and Gita Nayak  Mangalore: Now that Rajani Dugganna will lay down office with only Car Street widening work to her credit, there is competition within BJP, as to who will be elected the Mayor or first citizen of Mangalore on Feb.28, according to categorized reservation, prescribed by state govt.
There is a possibility of a contest between two relatives in the same family, Mayorship is restricted to SC/ST members of MCC, while Deputy Mayorship goes to a woman in the common category. (Brahmin included).
There are only two members in MCC who qualify for the Mayor’s post. Praveen from Derabail South Ward and the other is from Derebail western ward, Amithkala. They have family relationship, and all members are likely to gape at the ultimate victor in the contest. Praveen wants to win easily, hence there is less lobbying for him.
Amitkala has less chance, as Rajni D. has been the outgoing Mayor and the Deputy Mayor would be a common woman this time. However in an unwritten rule in BJP, Amitkala cannot be deputy to Praveen as the post will go to a Brahmin woman or a GSB councilor Geetha N.Nayak of Mannagude, who is the lone Brahmin lady in MCC.
Other moment may still wish to be DyM but their turn would not come soon.
It is difficult to fix these nominations as in match-fixing cricket tests, but one goes by categories approved by the state govt., for Feb28. The countdown has begun for results.

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