Priyanka chopra refuses offer to dance for live audience

10:43 PM, Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Priyanka-chopraMumbai : Famous actress Priyanka chopra was given a enormous amount of Rs 3 crore show her dancing talent at the eve of the New Year, she politely refused the offer to dance in front of a live audience.
According to the source,  Priyanka was given an good offer to dance in a five star hotel in suburban Mumbai, but she seemed to be uncomfortable dancing in hotels in front of a live audience.
The hotel officials started cajoling over her over her high fee and her refusal, since it was double than what she gets in a single film.
But in fact the matter is that, Priyanka has acquired the ‘diva’ image after a year’s long hardship and she was not ready to tarnish her image for the money.

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