CID Police busted child trafficking and prostitution racket

3:57 PM, Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Prostitution racket busted Mangalore : Karnataka CID Police has busted a child trafficking cum prostitution racket run by a women and her accomplice in Kulai near Mangalore.

 The matter came to light when ‘Odanadi’ a self help group spotted a girl aged 15 wandering in streets of Bangalore. After rescuing her, she revealed that a women called Tara in Mangalore forced her into prostitution along with other girls in laters custody and send them to other parts of the state.

The modus-operandi is like this : first the women will identify destitute girl children and adopted them. And they were housed near Kulai in Mangalore and later she will attract customers for prostitution purpose and even send this girls with the men to different places in state. Her accomplice Jayanna used to assist Tara in this heinous act of trafficking children for prostitution.

On the tip-off from Odanadi a self help group, the Bangalore CID  police raided the premises in Mangalore and arrested both the Culprits on 16th of April. The initial investigation revealed that both Tara and Jayanna used to supply girls to influential people and few girls can identify even police personal from that area who are frequent visitors to that den.

A case has been registered by Suratkal Police

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