Provide Social and economical status to Dalits: MLC D.S. Veeraiah

10:45 AM, Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

veeraia on dalitsMangalore: MLC D.S. Veeraiah said that today though the Dalits has been give the right for one man one vote, they have not been given the social and economical equality.
Funds earmarked for the uplift of members of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes by the government are either being used for general purposes or are left unused.
He also said that the government has given the reservation facility only for the working people and not others. Hence the loans for the self employment must be given. He urged the government to provide economical equality to the dalits.
This time state has allotted 430 crore in budget and the BBMP’s have provided around 10,000 houses to the houseless dalits. Hence the Mangalore City Corporation must try to find out the houseless people and give houses.
Further under the aegis of Karnataka Dalitha Pragathipara Sangatanegala Okkuta, the dalit leaders will organize the training camp for the dalit leaders. The camp will be held to create awareness on reservation and its implementation through programmes. Around 300 leaders are expected to participate on the occasion.
The Dalit leaders like Sanjeeva Neriya, Keahava, AG Vivekananda and Venkatesh were present.

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