Pvt, govt buses off roads ; strike call evokes good response in Mangalore

11:03 AM, Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

strike callMangalore : Normal life in Mangalore has come to a standstill with the two-day trade union strike beginning on February 20, Thursday. Buses, both private and government are off the roads. Most of the shops in Mangalore are closed and many roads are wearing a deserted look.

At several bus terminuses, anxious people waiting for buses coud be seen. Autorickshaws were found operating at some places and many a driver made hay while the sun shined.

Though the administration has not declared any holiday for schools and colleges, most of them remained closed. But, some colleges where examinations are on, are functioning.

Even banks are closed as employees and officials too are joining the strike.

In Kundapur : Normal life has been paralysed even in Kundapur with private and government buses remaining off roads. Trade union leaders and members were on the streets and asking lorries and other vehicles to remain off roads by blocking them.

In Udupi : The strike has hit hard even Udupi. Most private and government buses are away from roads affecting people who are supposed to travel to a great extent. Even shops in the temple town were found closed.

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