Rahul Gandhi’s outburst on saffron extremism

9:04 PM, Friday, December 17th, 2010

Rahul-GandhiNew Delhi: The Congress General Secretary and son of AICC Chief Sonia Gandhi, young Rahul Gandhi today said that the saffron extremists posed a bigger threat and danger to Bharat that is India than Muslim terrorists in Mujahideens, or Lashkar- e- Toiba of Pakistan.
He discussed the issue with American ambassador during a dinner meeting in the capital. Timothy Roemar listened simply. The matter was exposed by Wikileaks in India and quoted by the Guardian. Rahul regarded Indian patriot among Hindu outfits as holding out more threat to India than the occasional terrorists coming from Pakistan and attacking Indian territories and people at large. He warned Roomer, who had enquired Rahul of the Lashkar threats against India’s integrity.
The BJP and NDA group in opposition have been rocked by Rahul’s political talks, leaked by Assange’s Wikileaks today. Rahul has asked Indian youth to join Congress to serve the country.

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