Rahul Gandhi appears certain to return as All India Congress Committee president

5:49 PM, Monday, January 13th, 2020


Bengaluru : Finding no viable alternative, Congress functionaries are trying to bring back Rahul Gandhi, who had resigned as the president of All India Congress Committee (AICC), owning moral responsibility for the party’s lacklustre performance in the elections, to the post he had left.

After Rahul resigned, leaders of various levels had tried their best to convince him to withdraw his resignation. With no other alternative after Rahul remained stubborn on not withdrawing the resignation, Sonia Gandhi was made in-charge president on temporary basis.

Many in the party feel that this is the right time to make Rahul the national president of Congress party. They think that Rahul Gandhi will get nearly five years to undertake tour of nooks and corners the country and build the party from grass root level. Senior leaders have held a few rounds of talks with Sonia Gandhi on this issue, it i learnt. In all probability, AICC may hold the session at Jaipur in March after the Delhi assembly election concludes, where an official announcement about this fact is most likely to be made.

Congress leaders feel that people are angry at some controversial initiatives of the central government, which is evidenced by the fact that people are taking to streets to fight against them. They are of the opinion that Congress needs a strong leader to be able to provide leadership to the frustrated people. This will enable the party to affectively organize popular agitation against the central government, they feel.

Towards this end, all high level leaders of the party have been making all out efforts to see that Rahul is crowned as the national head of the Congress party, sources within the party said.


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