Railway stations will be developed with private partnership: Suresh Prabhu

11:12 AM, Monday, November 7th, 2016

Nalin Kumar KateelPuttur: “Project has been plotted to develop the railway stations like airports with the partnership of private companies,” said Central railway Minister Suresh Prabhu.

He was speaking after inaugurating the upgraded Kabaka-Puttur Adarsh railway station through video conference on Sunday.

“Basic facilities which are available in Metro stations and airports will be provided to railway stations also. Soon the railway department will be modified as pro-people department. The Central government has the plan to convert each railway station into ‘Adarsh’ railway station,” he said.

MP Nalin Kumar Kateel said that Rs 1500 crore has been aided by the Central government and for the first time in the history of post independent a district has got this much of aid.

“In future except the railway track all the other things will be handed over to private companies, thus the government is intended to bring a huge change in railway sector,” he added.

MLA Shakunthala Shetty, TP President Bhavani Chidananda, Prof Dr Rajesh Bejjangala and others were present.

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