Ramanath Rai gives surprise visit to UPCL plant

6:25 PM, Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

Rai UPCL Udupi: Minister for forest and environment, Ramanath Rai gave a surprise visit to Udupi Power Corporation Ltd (UPCL) at Nandikur, Padubidri on Monday. He discussed with the officials of UPCL regarding the environmental pollution problems faced by the local people.

In the meeting he said that, as the environment pollution belongs to his ministry, he has the right to check for the issues and if found any then the ministry can legal actions against Adani group, as it own UPCL.

Rai UPCL While clarifying about his surprise visit he said that nature is the only thing which can be conserved and saved for the future. “Conservation of the environment is a question of death and life of the people. If we conserved nature then it will save our life, if we don’t then we will be dead. Each and every day we are adding plenty of poisonous substances to the nature and increasing the pollution,” he said.

He further said that it is important to maintain the global temperature.

As the Minister had received complaints from public, some sort of heated talks were done by both the parties.

IFS officer, Ramachandra, Chief Executive Director of Adani-UPCL, Kishore Alva, and others were present.

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