Rock edict in Kannada discovered in Jeppu Bappal

6:02 PM, Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Rock edictMangalore: 53 lines in Kannada on either sides of a stone column were found near a house in Jeppu Bappal at Shanthinagar on a rock belonging to 14th century. Words like “Nandi” and “Shivalinga” were clearly inscribed on the rock column, near V.Malathy Kurup’s residence today.
Prof. Murugeshi of Shirva College and Prashant Shetty, History lecturer in Milagres College at Kallianpur said there was an image of Ganesha on the rock column, but it was blurred. The edict begins with “Swasthi Shree” and is dated 1384 (Christian era). It speaks of a king Malgarasa son of Chowdarasa., and his charity deeds towards Murari Bhat on an auspicious occasion. The stone edict was made during Vijayanagar Empirical period.
The writings mentions Konaje and Mylari (a deity). There was a mention of Giri Ganga Hegde of Alanthi More in “Ottelthu” script. Prof. Murugeshi has taken the stone to his college under local permission.

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