Roshni Ramananda Prabhu, Byndoorian received Tulunad Star Award in Oman

8:43 PM, Saturday, November 20th, 2021

Roshni-PrabhuMuscat  : Roshni Ramananda Prabhu Has Been Conferred “Oman Tulu Nada Star-2021” for her incredible achievements in the field of fine arts. Oman Tuluver, Tulu wing of Indian Social Club. Sultanate of Oman organized “Tulunada Tudar-2021” program organized on 19th November, 2021 at Indian social club, Darsait, Muscat. Chief Guests of the event Sri G V Ramakrishna, Group Head Sales & Business Development, National Bank of Oman, Dr.Sathis Nambiar, Honourable Chairman, Indian Social Club, Oman,  Shashidhara Shetty, Managing Director, Abeer Group, Guest of honours  at the event Divakar Shetty, Dr.Anchan C K, Sri Abbas Uchila, S.D.T.Prasad, Clarance and Ramananda Shetty, Convenor, and Managing committee members and member’s present during the award ceremony.

Dev Prasad during the event said ”Congratulating Ramananda Shetty and his team for organizing this event and retain the rich culture of Tulunadu and also identify, recognizing and rewarding the young and upcoming tulunad talents in various fields will demonstrate and motivate and inspire our generation next to follow and retain and develop our rich heritage and culture of tulunadu and set a new mile stone in Oman tuluvers.

During the Program members and their children performed various art forms of tulunadu, including yakshagana, dance, singing and dram etc.

Roshni Ramananda Prabhu, Daughter of N Ramananda Prabhu and Padmaja Prabhu, hails from Prabhukeri, Kergal, Naikanakatte,now studying at Grade 9, Indian School Al Ghubra, Muscat,Sultanate of Oman.
Aghuraya Prabhu said we are extremely proud of Roshni Prabhu’s achievement and we wish her to achieve a lot of success in this field of art and the divinity bless her with all contentments, we are at prabhukeri, naikanakatte feel proud of your achievements and you will will be role model for the generation next”.

Honourable minister Kota Srinivas poojary congratulated Roshni Prabhu for her award of “Tulunad Star-2021” we all proud her achievements and uphold the rich heritage and culture of Tulunadu and wish her many more accolades in future and congratulate Ramananda Shetty and team of Oman Tuluveru for organizing this event in Sultanate of Oman.

B Y Raghavendra, MP Shimoga said we are extremely proud of Roshni Prabhu’s incredible achievement in the field of fine arts and we wish her to achieve a lot of success in this field of art and uphold and demonstrate the indian culture and art abroad and feel proud of her recognition and she will will be role model for the generation next,  Roshni’s achievement made all of indians the feeling of the local talents on the global flat form, as our Prime Minister Narendra Modiji’s vision.


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