RPF seizes unguarded 1296 Indian liquor bottles coming from Margaon by Train

11:06 AM, Monday, December 23rd, 2013

liquodBhatkal: About 1300 bottles each of 200 ml filled with  Indian-mad forging liquor, such as Brandy or beer were seized by Railway Protection Force when the TTC in a Reserved compartment informed them of the load at Honnavar, on Saturday Dec. 21, when the train Matsyagandha Express had run from Margaon to Mangalore, on way.

The RPF in the train had noticed the loading of the luggage of liquor bottles at Margaon, but took notice after a TTC had alerted them at honnavar.

The human carrier who was supposed to take these bottles all the way to Mangalore, watching the seizure of bottles, fled the place.
The bottles are worth about Rs.52000. the load was handed over to the excise inspectors at Bhatkal Railway station.
A case has been registered for smuggling of IMFL bottles found on the express train.



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