RPF staff help Australian traveller recover passport, documents

9:53 AM, Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

PassportMangaluru: Personnel of Railway Protection Force on Tuesday helped locate and retrieve vital documents and other valuables that Aimee Lomax, resident of Melbourne, Australia had left behind on CSMT-Mangaluru Express at Madgaon.

Aimee who inadvertently boarded the CSMT-Mangaluru Express instead of Mandovi Express from Madgaon to Mumbai alighted from the train in a hurry on realizing her mistake and realized the loss of documents later.

Dilip S Bhat, senior public relations officer, Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd (KRCL), Karwar said Aimee approached RPF personnel at Madgaon in a state of panic after realizing she had left behind her bag in train 12133 CSMT – Mangaluru Express at Madgaon.

Immediately, RPF head office of Konkan Railway sent out a security control message to RPF, Karwar to check the train at Karwar, which RPF on duty staff A B Wagh and Roopa Naik promptly acted on.

The duo recovered a back pack bag from the train and informed the RPF headquarters who in turn informed Aimee and she approached the RPF at Karwar to claim the bag. On enquiry, Aimee said she was to board the Mandovi Express from Madgaon to Mumbai, but instead boarded the Mangaluru Express. She left the bag behind in her hurry to alight from the moving train after realizing her mistake of having boarded the wrong train, Dilip Bhat said.

The bag contained her original passport bearing number LL 211036, Apple IPad, Sony Camera, Rs 3,300 in Indian currency. The total value of property in the bag was more than Rs 1 lakh. Aimee informed the RPF personnel that she was to return to Australia the same night.

After verification of passport and other items in the bag, she received the same under due acknowledgement and immediately boarded first available train from Karwar to Mumbai.

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