Rs. 3.8 lakh stolen in from parked vehicle in city

6:34 PM, Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Rs 3.8Lack Stolen Mangalore : The unidentified thieves escaped with the amount of Rs. 3.8 lakh, which was kept in the compartment of a Honda Activa parked in the city on August 30, Tuesday.

The Honda Activa and the money stolen belong to Kumaraswamy, a contractor of Mangalore City Corporation (MCC), which was received as the contracts to repair roads and other work in Mangalore.

Kumaraswamy who had Rs. 4 lakh with him, went to a bank on K S Rao Road to deposit Rs. 20,000 in his account along with his labourer Rajaram. Since there was Rs 3.8 lakh in the vehicle, Rajaram waited outside for sometime, but since Kumaraswamy called him, he went inside.

Later, while coming out, the duo discovered that the compartment of Activa was wide open and that the cash was missing.

They lodged a complaint with the Bunder police, who have registered a case. Currently, the Bunder police are investigating the case.


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